Catalogue Bad Credit Options: The Easiest Catalogue to Get with Poor Credit

Yes Catalogue - All Your Needs - Over 80,000 products

Yes Catalogue - All Your Needs - Over 80,000 products

  • Credit limit of up to £1,200, regardless of your credit history.
  • Enjoy flexible payment schedules.
  • Explore our wide selection of over 80,000 products and opt for free delivery for added convenience.
Flava Home - Shopping Catalogue - Home - Electricals

Flava Home - Shopping Catalogue - Home - Electricals

  • Conveniently access £500 credit to meet your financial needs.
  • Apply confidently, as all credit categories are accepted.
  • Budget-friendly weekly instalments and take advantage of free delivery.
  • Latest technology and gadgets for a trendy lifestyle.
Sunshine Mobile - Mobile Contracts on Credit

Sunshine Mobile - Mobile Contracts on Credit

  • Extensive range.
  • Experience unlimited data and seamless connectivity.
  • Limited-time offer.
  • Enjoy a hassle-free process with no verification required.
  • Explore renowned brands such as iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei, and Google Pixel for quality options that suit your preferences.
Flava Groceries - Food Shopping on Credit

Flava Groceries - Food Shopping on Credit

  • All credit types and enjoy a £100 credit for convenient grocery shopping.
  • Diverse selection of grocery products online.
  • Zero interest with our 0% APR and flexible payment options.

Looking for catalogues that cater to individuals with bad credit? At SuperCarpets, we understand the challenges of securing credit with a less-than-perfect credit score. That’s why we offer a variety of catalogues for bad credit, providing flexible payment options like pay monthly, buy now pay later, and interest-free plans. Improve your credit score while enjoying the convenience of shopping online.

This article discusses finding the easiest catalogue to get with bad credit. Even if your credit score is low, you will learn tips to increase your chances of approval, enabling you to use online shopping catalogues. Their platform helps you shop online for items like TVs, gaming consoles, clothes, and groceries, while also offering ways to improve your credit score.

Easiest catalogue to get with bad credit - list below
Easiest catalogue to get with bad credit – list below

Obtaining a Credit Account with a Bad Credit Catalogue

If you’re here, you might have bad credit, making it hard to get approval for pay monthly catalogues. This article will guide you on how to be approved for catalogues for bad credit, despite having a low credit score.

It can be disappointing to have your application rejected by catalogue stores due to a low credit score. However, it is essential to remember that everyone deserves a second chance.

Your credit history serves as a record of your past financial management and your ability to repay credit. If you have a history of missed or late payments, this may negatively impact your credit score, making it challenging to obtain credit in the future.

Instant credit - Pay monthly credit accounts
Instant credit – Pay monthly credit accounts

Unfortunately, this is how it works.

No one has a perfect financial history, but catalogue companies typically prefer to provide credit to individuals with a solid credit history.

After all, why would they lend money to someone with a history of financial difficulty?

So to open monthly catalogue personal accounts it is convenient to have good credit rating.

Payment Options

Our catalogues offer diverse payment options to suit your financial needs. Choose from pay monthly, weekly payments, or buy now pay later plans. With interest-free options available, spreading the cost of your purchases has never been easier. Whether you’re looking to manage your finances better or improve your credit score, our flexible payment plans can help.

Sunshine Mobile: A Solution for Poor Credit Mobile Contracts

Are you looking to upgrade to the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone model but are held back by a below-average credit score? Look no further as Sunshine Mobile offers mobile phone contracts with no credit history checks, meaning that even those with the poorest credit score are guaranteed to be accepted.

Sunshine Mobile, a UK-based company, focuses on a customer’s future credit instead of their credit history, making it easier for individuals with poor credit to obtain a mobile phone contract. It makes online catalogue shopping a reality for people with bad credit.

After selecting your ideal mobile phone, you will need to join the company’s network for 12 weeks by choosing one of their starter packages (SIM only or SIM plus start phone package). After regularly making payments for three months and proving yourself to be a responsible customer, Sunshine Mobile will deliver your new phone directly to you.

Sunshine Mobile offers flexible payment options, including their recently introduced Flexible Payment Plan, which allows customers to set their contract start date and re-schedule future payments. Payments can be made using either credit or debit cards.

From the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models to the P20 Pro and beyond, Sunshine Mobile offers a wide range of high-quality handsets for you to choose from. So why wait? Apply now and start enjoying the latest mobile technology, even with a poor credit score.

easiest catalogue to get with bad credit

What is Required to Open a Pay Monthly Catalogue Personal Account

If you are seeking to apply for a Pay Monthly Catalogue Personal Account, you will need to provide some personal information, including your full name, home address, date of birth, residential status, employment status, and details regarding your income. Once you submit your application, you will receive an instant decision.

If you have a history of credit issues, you may want to consider which catalogue company to apply with based on the credit reference agency they use for credit checks. The table below lists the credit reference agencies commonly used by catalogue companies for credit evaluations. To open a catalogue account at these online catalogues you need to make a minimum payment and start meeting monthly payments.

No Credit Check Catalogues

It’s important to be aware that not all catalogues claiming to offer “guaranteed acceptance” or “no credit check” are entirely truthful.

Most retailers who provide credit or finance will require a credit check before approving an applicant. Thus, be cautious of companies that claim to offer a shopping catalogue without conducting a credit check.

Responsible Lending in Catalogues

Your Credit Report Affects Your Catalogue Credit Limit. In line with responsible lending regulations, catalogue companies must adhere to responsible lending policies. If you are managing your credit well, you may be eligible for a credit limit increase. Conversely, if you have missed repayments on other credit accounts or are over-extended, your request for a credit limit increase may be denied.

Some catalogue companies, such as Next PLC, may temporarily suspend your credit limit if they detect changes in your personal circumstances that could affect your repayment ability.

“Buy Now Pay Later” Option

Many catalogues offer the “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) option, which allows you to defer repayments for a set period, usually between 3 to 12 months. However, it’s important to note that not all credit catalogues offer BNPL and those that do may have stricter acceptance criteria for individuals with poor credit history.

Pay Monthly Catalogues for Bad Credit

If you have a poor credit history or lack of credit rating, it may be difficult to get approved for finance through a pay monthly credit catalogue. However, catalogue companies are often more flexible when it comes to credit approval. If you haven’t applied for a prime credit catalogue yet, it may be worth considering.

Declined Application for Pay Monthly Catalogue

If your application for a pay monthly credit catalogue is declined, it doesn’t mean that all other companies will follow suit. The decision to grant credit depends on each individual’s credit standing, which may vary from one lender to another.

It’s advisable to start by applying for finance with well-known home shopping catalogue companies. If you continue to get declined, you can then consider catalogues that specialize in providing credit for individuals with poor credit, which may come with higher interest rates but have a higher acceptance rate.

catalogue for bad credit in UK

Missing Catalogue Payments

If you miss a payment deadline with your catalogue company, you may incur a late fee. It’s important to be mindful of missed repayments as it could negatively affect your credit score and future credit prospects. If you’re facing difficulty making payments, reach out to your catalogue company promptly. Many catalogue companies have dedicated support teams that can assist you in finding a solution. By keeping your catalogue company informed, you can help protect your account and credit rating.

Improving Your Credit Rating with a Bad Credit Catalogue:

Understanding your credit score and rating is crucial when applying for credit catalogues. Our catalogues are designed to accommodate those with bad credit or CCJs, offering credit check options that can help rebuild your credit history. By maintaining regular monthly payments and utilizing your credit account wisely, you can see significant improvements in your credit score over time.

Using a catalogue with no credit check or for individuals with a bad credit history can help improve your credit score. This can increase your chances of being approved for a prime credit catalogue.

Here are some extra steps to help you boost your credit score:

1. Pay Bills on Time

Timely bill payments are crucial for maintaining and improving your credit score. Payment history makes up a significant portion of your credit score, so always pay at least the minimum amount due on time. Consider setting up automatic payments or reminders to ensure you never miss a due date.

2. Monitor Your Credit Report

Regularly check your credit report for errors or discrepancies. Mistakes on your credit report can negatively impact your score. If you find any inaccuracies, dispute them with the credit bureaus to have them corrected. You are entitled to a free credit report annually from each of the major credit bureaus.

3. Reduce Outstanding Debt

Lowering your outstanding debt is essential for improving your credit utilization ratio, which is the amount of credit you are using compared to your credit limit. Aim to keep your credit utilization below 30%. Focus on paying off high-interest debts first and consider consolidating debts to manage payments more effectively.

4. Avoid Opening New Credit Accounts

While it might be tempting to open new credit accounts to increase your available credit, this can negatively impact your credit score in the short term. Each new application results in a hard inquiry on your credit report, which can lower your score temporarily. Instead, focus on managing existing accounts responsibly.

5. Maintain Older Credit Accounts

The length of your credit history also affects your credit score. Keeping older accounts open, even if you don’t use them frequently, can positively impact your score. Closing old accounts can shorten your credit history and reduce your overall credit limit, which can negatively affect your credit utilization ratio.

6. Use a Secured Credit Card

If you have difficulty getting approved for a regular credit card, consider a secured credit card. These cards require a security deposit, which acts as your credit limit. Using a secured credit card responsibly and making regular, on-time payments can help rebuild your credit history.

7. Limit Hard Inquiries

Hard inquiries occur when lenders check your credit report as part of the approval process for credit cards, loans, or other financial products. Multiple hard inquiries in a short period can signal to lenders that you are a higher risk. Try to limit the number of applications you submit to avoid unnecessary hard inquiries.

8. Diversify Your Credit Mix

Having a mix of credit types, such as credit cards, retail accounts, installment loans, and mortgages, can improve your credit score. Lenders like to see that you can manage different types of credit responsibly. However, don’t open new accounts solely to diversify your credit mix.

9. Seek Professional Advice

If you’re struggling to improve your credit score on your own, consider seeking advice from a credit counseling service. These professionals can provide personalized guidance and help you create a plan to manage your debt and improve your credit score.

Shopping with our bad credit catalogues not only provides access to a wide range of products but also offers financial benefits. By choosing a flexible payment plan that suits your budget, you can make timely payments and gradually improve your credit rating. Our catalogues make it easier for you to rebuild your credit score while enjoying the products you need.

While our catalogues for bad credit offer convenient payment solutions, it’s essential to shop responsibly. Stick to a budget, make regular payments, and avoid accruing unnecessary debt. Our goal is to help you improve your financial situation, so take advantage of our tools and resources to manage your credit account effectively.

Comparing Pay Monthly Catalogues with Credit

When it comes to shopping with bad credit, pay monthly catalogues offer a convenient solution. These catalogues allow you to spread the cost of purchases over time, making it easier to manage your finances. Whether you’re looking for electronics, clothing, or household items, these catalogues provide a variety of products with flexible payment options.

Here’s a list of credit catalogues with pay monthly options in the UK:

  • Yes Catalogue
  • Freemans
  • Studio
  • Flava
  • Vertbaudet
  • PW Card
  • Witt
  • La Redoute
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Bonprix
  • Look Again
  • Argos
  • Swimwear365

Catalogue Credit Limits

We provide comprehensive information on the subject of catalogue shopping, including comparing pay monthly catalogues, understanding catalogue credit limits, ways to enhance the chances of a credit limit increase, and how catalogue statements work.

Which Credit Reference Agency Will Pay Monthly Catalogue Companies Check?

When applying for a pay monthly catalogue with credit, it’s important to be aware that your application will undergo several evaluations. These evaluations will include identity verification, credit checks, and affordability assessments. 

If you’re interested in finding out which credit reference agency a pay monthly catalogue is likely to use, the table below provides useful information. Having this knowledge can be beneficial in the event that your credit reports show varying credit scores.

Your application will go through a series of assessments, including identity verification, credit checks, and affordability assessments. If you would like to know which credit reference agency is commonly used by pay monthly catalogues, refer to the table provided. This information can prove valuable if your credit reports show differing credit scores.

instant credit catalogues

Dial-a-TV: A Rental Firm Helping People Acquire Electronics

Dial-a-TV is a rental company established in 1991 that offers a wide range of household electronics, including televisions, fridge freezers, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and game consoles. 

With its rent-to-buy option, customers can buy TVs on affordable monthly or weekly payments, with repair costs included in the price. The company has been providing individuals with an affordable alternative to owning home equipment for over 25 years.

What is Rent-to-Buy?

Rent-to-buy is a system similar to catalogue finance, where customers order goods and pay towards the cost of the total amount. Once the full amount is paid, the customer owns the product. This system provides added security for many catalogue companies.

APR Rate

With an APR of 4.5%, Dial-a-TV offers among the most competitive and affordable prices on rent-to-buy products in the UK. This is why the company has seen a growing customer base in recent years.

Marisota: Plus-Size Fashion for Women

Marisota is a shopping catalogue website catering to women who look good in plus-size dresses, skirts, trousers, and more. The site offers a wide range of fashion items, with payments that can be spread monthly.

Becoming a Customer

To become a customer, go to and register by entering your address and personal information. If the site cannot verify your address, you will need to call customer service.

Payment Terms

Marisota offers multiple payment options, including online, post, phone, and bank. Customers can spread their payments monthly through their personal account.

What Can You Buy?

Marisota provides women with a wide range of fashion items, including clothing and accessories, arranged by category. Customers can shop according to current fashion trends or by design at one of the best bad credit catalogues.

Kaleidoscope: Discounted Fashion and Home Items

Kaleidoscope is an online catalogue offering a variety of products at discounted prices. The site is known for its fashion items but also has a range of home and garden equipment. Currently, new customers receive a 25% discount and free delivery on their first credit order.

APR Rate

With a representative 34.9% APR variable, Kaleidoscope has a lower APR rate compared to many similar catalogues with a 39.9% APR rate. The site offers multiple payment options.

Becoming a Customer

To become a customer, visit and open an account by entering your email address and creating a password. Browse products, choose what you want, and complete your order.

Payment Terms

Customers can pay the full amount for their items or shop on credit and pay later in monthly instalments. Payment options include credit or debit cards and phone payments. If there are any payment issues, the customer can contact the call centre for assistance.

What Can You Buy?

The catalogue offers the latest women’s fashion items, including bags and accessories, clothing, swimwear, nightwear, and jewellery. There is also a variety of footwear products, such as shoes, boots, and sandals. The party-wear section includes little black dresses, lace dresses, and tops from various party-wear brands. Kaleidoscope also offers home and garden items.

Jacamo: A Destination for Men’s Fashion

Jacamo is an online shopping catalogue website that offers a wide range of men’s clothing. With its extensive collection and user-friendly interface, Jacamo has become a popular choice for fashion-conscious men looking for a pay weekly catalogue. You may have come across their advertisements and TV commercials, which highlight the brand’s commitment to providing stylish and comfortable clothing.

Become a Customer with Ease

Joining Jacamo is simple and straightforward. Simply visit their website at and fill out the registration form. No additional information is required, and you’ll be credited almost immediately, allowing you to start shopping right away.

Flexible Payment Options

Jacamo offers a “buy now, pay later” option, allowing you to purchase items without paying the full amount upfront. After 28 days of your purchase, you’ll receive a statement, and you can choose to pay the minimum amount or the full bill, depending on your preference. Additionally, Jacamo rewards good payment behavior with bonuses, so paying on time can bring you extra benefits.

Plus-Size and Large Footwear Options

Jacamo is known for its plus-size clothing, providing a range of options for men who are larger in girth or taller than average. They also offer shoes for men with larger feet, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit.


Finding the easiest catalogue to get with bad credit doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding how catalogues work, improving your credit score, and exploring recommended catalogues, you can enjoy the convenience of pay monthly options.

Remember to follow practical tips for boosting your approval chances and managing your finances responsibly. With the right approach, you can shop for a variety of products without letting a poor credit score hold you back. Start exploring the recommended catalogues today and make the most of your shopping experience.